Fast Building, Fast Recap

Post launch feedback :


Wl Sale: Monday 11 April

Public Sale: Tuesday 12 April

Launch Day: Wednesday 13 April

Manual Rebase: Thursday 14 April

Dashboard: Friday 15 April

  • Time until next rebase
  • Holdings
  • Next rebases Rewards / Daily Rewards
  • Weekly Roi / Annual Roi
  • Buy and Sell taxes
  • $ADM Price / Marketcap

Burn: Saturday 16 April

Sustainability and Apy: Sunday 17 April

Monday 18 April

CLAW: Tuesday 19 April

Marketing: Wednesday 20 April

Today: Thursday 21 April

What’s next:

  • listing CG & CMC
  • AMA with James Pelton on Twitter Spaces, Apr 25 3PM UTC
  • AMA on Node Kingdom Discord Apr. 27th 2PM UTC
  • Application for AMA with CRYPTONAIRZ & TheObsidianCouncil
  • New logo Apr. 25th UTC
  • Website re-design
  • Rebase Button on Website
  • Chainlink Keepers Implementation

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Adamantium provides a decentralized asset which rewards users with a fixed compound interest model through use of an Auto staking protocol (ASP)