AdamanTimes: Launch Infos

2 min readApr 12, 2022

Adamantium Public sale and Launch details

Public sale:

The public sale sale will take place 12 April 2022 8 PM UTC

All the investors investors will be able to buy the $ADM token at launch price 0.02$Busd per token but with buy tax (15%)
The max buy on pinksale will be 2.5$BNB(~$1000).

There will be NO VESTING on Wl Sale or Public Sale.

For the Presalers as soon as we provid liquidity to pancakeswap you will be able TO CLAIM your tokens via our website.

For the PublicSalers you will have TO CLAIM your tokens on Pinksale when liquidity will be added on PancakeSwap, after Public Sale.

PancakeSwap Launch:

Once the public sale is closed, $ADM token will be available on pancakeswap($ADM/$BNB pair).
The 13 April 2022 8:30 PM UTC.

How to buy $ADM?

First, you’ll need to create a Metamask Wallet. Then add the Binance Smart Chain mainnet and bring some funds or get them from a centralized exchange.

You can use the following tutorial:

The minimum slippage for the token will be:
Buy: 16%
Sell: 21%

To add Adamantium tokens in your metamask, you can use the following tutorial:

The contract adress is:

It was Thebakedbot for today’s AdamanTimes News.

Telegram Chat Group :
Website :




Adamantium provides a decentralized asset which rewards users with a fixed compound interest model through use of an Auto staking protocol (ASP)